February 01, 2011 | S. V. Saveliev, V. R. Alifanov, and Yu. L. Bolotsky

Abstract—Twenty-two endocasts of 12 specimens of Amurosaurus riabinini Bolotsky et Kurzanov (Lambeo-
saurinae, Hadrosauridae) have been examined. The most important neurobiological features of this species and
duck-billed dinosaurs integrally are discussed. It has been established that the sense of smell played the major
role in afferentation of hadrosaurids. In lambeosaurines, the vomeronasal sense of smell was probably intensi-
fied to search for sexual partners at a large distance. The hypotheses of sound and visual communications of
duck-billed dinosaurs are not corroborated.

DOI: 10.1134/S003103011201011X